Process of Resignation of director

Process of Resignation of director

The concerned director submits his resignation to the Board. In this case, the following steps will be taken to remove his name from the register of directors:

  1. The company will hold a Board Meeting by giving seven days of clear notice (Clear notice means 21 days’ notice excluding the day on which the notice was sent and received.
  2. When the Board meets, they will discuss amongst themselves and decide whether to accept the resignation or not.
  3. Once the Board accepts the resignation of the director, they will pass a Board resolution accepting the resignation.
  4. After the passing of the resolution, form DIR – 11 has to be filed by the outgoing director along with the Board Resolution, Proof of delivery of the resignation letter and copy of the resignation letter.
  5. While the filing of DIR – 11 is the responsibility of the director, form DIR – 12 is the responsibility of the company which has to be filed with the Registrar of Companies along with the Resignation letter and the Board Resolution.
  6. After filing all the forms, the name of the director will be removed from the master data of the Company on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website.

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