GST Return Filing in Jaipur

(GST Return Filing starts from 1000/-)

GST filing simplified with us.

  1. Complete the query form
  2. We will coordinate and ask the required details
  3. Provide the required details and documents in the format provided by us
  4. On basis of documents and details received we will prepare the respective form for filing
  5. After preparation of return form we will convey the details of the same for an overview and confirmation
  6. On receipt of confirmation filing will be done to the department
  7. Acknowledgment is shared

Every registered entity must file GST returns within due time, non-filing or late filing may lead to fines, penalties and no input tax credits. As we all know GST is levied on every stage of business therefore it is required to file GST returns accurately and timely to get the input tax credits by everyone involved in the supply chain.

Advantages of Filing GST returns

  1. Avail Input Tax Credit: Filing GST returns will help you availing tax credit paid by you on previous stage of your business.
  2. Increased Reliability: As GST is levied on every stage, tax credit is passed to the previous entity in the business chain only if returns are filed. Filing returns within due time helps in building trust and reliability in the market.
  3. Avoid Penalty: Timely filing of GST returns helps in avoiding fines and penalties imposed due to non-filing of GST returns.

Documents and Details Required

  1. Login Details (ID and Passwords)
  2. Details in provided format
  3. OTP / Digital Signature