E way Bill

(E way Bill@ 500/- (for every 10 E-way bills))

E way generation made simple with us, just perform the first 2 steps and we will do the rest.

  1. Fill the query form
  2. Provide the required details
  3. Preparation of application form as per details provided
  4. Verification and submission to GST portal
  5. Get the E way bill in your inbox

E way bill introduced in GST from 1st April 2018, it is a document which is generated online for tracking of goods in transit. Requirement of e way bill arise in case there is any movement of goods comprising value of Rs 50,000 or more irrespective of movement within state or out of state of supplier.

Details Required for E way bill

  1. Invoice / Challan of Supplier
  2. Transports Detail
  3. Vehicle No / Transport Document Detail

Validity of E way Bill

  1. 24 hours For every 100 Km or part thereof

E Way Bill not Required In certain Cases:

  1. Transported through non-motorized vehicle
  2. Goods Exempted as per State and Central Government
  3. In case of Empty Cargo Containers
  4. Transporting the goods to weighbridge from business location (Distance is different in every state)