Permanent Patent Filing:

A permanent patent filing can be done in two ways either after filing of provisional patent application or directly in case no provisional application is filed. If the provisional patent application was filed by the applicant then it is must to file the permanent patent application within 12 months from the date of filing of provisional application. In the Permanent patent application filing it is mandatory on the part of an applicant to disclose fully and particularly various features constituting the invention. The disclosure of the invention in a complete specification must be such that a person skilled in the art should be able to perform the invention.


  • Drafting of documents
  • Drafting of permanent patent application
  • Filing of permanent patent application

Documents and details required

  1. Briefly describe about the invention
  2. What is the technical problem addressed by the invention?
  3. What are the known ways of solving the problem?
  4. What are the drawbacks/limitations of these known ways for solving the problem?
  5. What is your invention?
  6. What are the novel features of the invention?
  7. Are there any drawings? If yes then please provide brief description of the drawings.
  8. Abstract: – within 150 words only
  9. What are the key words commonly used in the art/technical field? Please specify key words.
  10. Please furnish any other information that may be relevant, in order to conduct a patent search or draft a patent application.
  11. Full name and address of applicant and inventor

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