Society Registration is governed under The Societies Registration Act, 1860. This Act allows the registration of entities for the welfare of society. Society Registration is also governed under the laws made by the respective state in which registration is sought. In the state of Rajasthan, Societies are governed through The Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958.

A society is an association of individuals who combine using a mutual accord to deliberate, govern and act cooperatively for some communal purpose and benefits for the community. It contributes to the overall development of society and involves some charitable activities like education, health, employment etc.

Society Registration, under this act in the state of Rajasthan, contains certain procedures for the sake of society registration & operation. This act was implemented for the purpose of preceding the legal stipulations of society registration for the purpose of literacy, scientific, charitable and other certain other societies, fine arts, science or distribution of awareness for knowledge. The area of scope of work is limited in the state where it is registered. has dedicated lawyers and consultants deals with the society registration in the state of Rajasthan to get the work done for you. Get society registration in 10 to 15 days through for details contact us.

Requirements for Society Registration

  1. A unique name for the society registration
  2. Address proof of the principle place of society (Electricity bill / Rent deed / Lease deed / Registry)
  3. Objects of society
  4. BRN Registration Certificate
  5. In the case of a society in a state, a minimum of 7 members is needed.
  6. But in case of a society operating at the national level, a minimum of 8 members is required, each from a different state.
  7. In case of a society operating at state level (Rajasthan), a minimum of 7 members are required, out of which 4 members must be from different districts of Rajasthan.
  8. The name, address, occupation of each member must be filled and they need to subscribed to the By-laws of the society and the same shall be filed with the registrar
  9. Aadhar Card and Pan Card of all proposed members of society
  10. Aadhar card must be linked to the mobile no
  11. Names of the Post holders of the society, viz. President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Vice-Treasure, Secretary, Vice-Secretary, etc. Minimum 4 post holders are required.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Society Registration


  • Society becomes a separate legal entity after incorporation
  • Being a separate legal entity, it can buy, sell, rent or lease any property, borrow money, enter into contracts using its name
  • Even if a member leaves or is replaced with a new member, the entity remains functioning
  • Any single member is not liable to pay for the debt, contract or any other obligation unless the debt or obligation has arisen because of the activity is undertaken is to obtain profit. OR, if the members are undertaking a part in illegal activities, then as well the members are liable to pay.
  • A society might fall under income tax exemption


  • Tax exemptions given to the society is permissible up until the Income Tax Department acknowledges the functions of the company are charitable.
  • There is no system of ownership or equity investments, which makes it less appealing to commercial investors interested in microfinance.
  • Since these societies are considered less professional because of their lack of managerial skills and professionalism, it fails to attract huge investments from the commercial investors
  • According to the RBI act 1934 (section 45S), unincorporated bodies are not authorized to take payments from the public. And the organization registered under Societies registration act and trust act are considered unincorporated bodies. Hence, it is illegal if they take payments from their clients.
  • The Moneylender acts (in various states) can be used against these societies.

Process of Society Registration

  1. Fill the query form
  2. Provide the required documents
  3. We will prepare all the required documents and details for society registration
  4. Filing the application for registration with the Registrar of Societies
  5. Once the certificate is granted will be provided along with the other documents

Currently the service is available in Rajasthan only.