Appointment and Removal of Auditor

(starts from 2500/-*)

As per The Companies Act, 2013 and related rules and provisions, it is mandatory for every company to appoint an auditor from incorporation to their going out of business. Auditor is eligible person, who audits the financial part and working of company. Hence, every company needs to appoint auditor. Notably there are many times, when management is not satisfied with the services of auditor, this is when removal of auditor comes into picture.

An Auditor is appointed for a fixed term in a company (5 years maximum). How-ever some time due to any reason auditor can be removed before the end of his term. is the right option to choose. Just contact us and fulfill the mandatory compliances by Professionals like Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries.

Documents required for Appointment

  1. Copy of resolution passed
  2. Copy of Intimation
  3. Consent of Auditor
  4. Certificate from Auditor
  5. PAN no of Auditor
  6. Membership No of Auditor
  7. Address of Auditor
  8. Contact details of Auditor
  9. Date and Reason of Vacancy (In case casual vacancy)
  10. Resignation letter of Auditor (In case auditor has resigned)

Documents Required for Removal

  1. Copy of resolution passed
  2. Ground of seeking removal of auditor
  3. Whether the accounts have been qualified during last three years
  4. Date of appointment of auditor and SRN of notice of such appointment
  5. Whether audit fee has been paid or not.
  6. Any other attachment/information as deem fit by Board of company.

*Charges may vary from case to case. Challan Charges excluding.