GST Amendment

(Amendment in GST @ 500/- each application)

Amendment in GST is easy with us, you just need to perform 2 steps and we will do the rest:

  1. Fill the query form
  2. Provide the details
  3. Preparation of application for amendment
  4. Filing of application
  5. Acknowledgment in your inbox

Amendment or Changes in GST could be of two types,

  1. Core amendment:- Core amendment can be termed as Major changes in the business structure of the entity. Such as Change of Firm Name, Change of principle place of business and change of Partner or Director.
  2. Non-core amendment:- Non-core amendment can be termed as regular changes in the business arising in due course. Such as Changes to Contact details, Addition or Removal of any item from registration, and Addition or removal Additional place of business.

Filing of any change should be done within 15 days of such change.

GST amendment is not possible in certain cases:

  1. Change in PAN as GST is a PAN based registration and there for in case of change in PAN need to file for a new GST registration.
  2. Change in constitution and resulting in change in PAN.
  3. Relocation of business from one state to another as the registration is state specific and that can’t be amended in such a case previous registration should be surrendered and a fresh application have to file.

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