Patent office offers search facility through online channel to ease an applicant in determining the scope of patent protection sought by him, and approach to be adopted for preparation of patent. Conducting search plays very important role in patentability and for future prospective. The search helps in determining about the invention:

  1. Is novel and Inventive (Known as Prior-Art or Novelty Search)
  2. Is eligible for Patent protection (Known as Patentability Search)
  3. Helps in saving from Legal action if infringing someone else’s patent
  4. Helps in improving and differentiating from existing patent
  5. Helps in drafting of the application

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  • Search report
  • Professional Consultation

Documents and details required for search:

  1. Name of the applicant
  2. Briefing about the innovation
  3. Briefing about the utility
  4. Title of patent
  5. Scope of Invention