Legal Metrology (Package Commodity) Rules 2011

Legal Metrology (Package Commodity) Rules 2011

The Department of Consumer Affairs with its notification no G.S.R. 226(E) dated 28th March 2022 has amended the Legal Metrology (Package Commodity) Rules and will be applicable from the 1st of October 2022.

With this amendment, the department has substituted Sub-rule 11 of Rule 6 with reference to the Declaration of Unit Sale Price.

Changes are as follows:

  1. The Unit sale price (USP) in rupees is to be declared on every pre-packaged commodity and to be rounded off to the nearest two decimal (xx.00). Earlier unit sale price was not required to be declared only declaration was required with respect to Maximum Retail Price (MRP) with two decimal places (Rs xx.xx) (Inclusive of all taxes). Thus every pre-packaged commodity now has to bear two declarations related to price one is for the MRP and another one is for USP.

Declaration to be made as follows:

S.noMeasured in WeightMeasured in LengthMeasured in Volume (Liters)
1Net weight is less than 1 Kg: Rs. xx.xx per gmNet length is less than 1 meter: Rs. xx.xx per cmNet volume is less than 1 liter: Rs. xx.xx per ml
2Net weight is more than 1 Kg: Rs. xx.xx per KgNet length is more than 1 meter: Rs. xx.xx per meterNet volume is more than 1 liter: Rs. xx.xx per liter

For goods sold in units or through numbers: Rs xx.xx per unit.

Declaration of the unit sale price is not required for the pre-packaged commodity in which retail sale price is equal to the unit sale price or it can be interpreted that in the case of goods sold in units or numbers unit sale price declaration will not be required.

Declaration on spirituous liquor and alcoholic beverages should be made as per the State Excise Laws and The Rules of the state in which it is manufactured. For more details on Legal Metrology (Package Commodity) Rules, right to us at or WhatsApp us at +91-7413874664

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