GST Registration in Jaipur

GST Registration in Jaipur

GST Registration in Jaipur

GST Registration in Jaipur is possible completely online and all the documents are to be submitted by the regular taxpayer after applying for the GST Registration. Now, to obtain GST Consultant in Jaipur the following documents need to be submitted:

  • PAN Card of the applicant
  • PAN Card of the business 
  • Address Proof of the applicant
  • Identify proof of the applicant along with the photographs
  • Business Registration document or the incorporation certificate.
  • Business location proof 
  • Business registration document or the incorporation certificate
  • Digital signature Certificate of the applicant 
  • Letter of the authorization or the Board Resolution for the authorized signatory
  • Business registration document or the incorporation certificate

How to obtain GST Registration Service in Jaipur?

  • After receiving the application it reaches the GST Expert- who comprehends the business activity and states where the business is operating or not. 
  • According to the Best GST Registration Consultants, the documents required to obtain the GST Registration in Jaipur are well collected by the GST experts online only.
  • After the payment is initiated the registration process begins with the advisors that will be available for any queries relevant to GST registration
  • GST Registration Service in Jaipur can be easily obtained within 3-7 working days. Everything is completely online: the applicant is not required to be physically present at the office for the same. 

GST Registration has many listed benefits, they are as follows:

Registration threshold is higher – Earlier under VAT any business that had a turnover of more than Rs.5 lakh was liable to pay off VAT. This limit was different in every state. Also, the service providers were exempted from the service tax if the turnover was less than Rs.10 lakhs. And under GST this threshold has been increased to Rs.20 lakh which has been exempted for many small traders and service providers. 

Simple and easy online Procedures – When you hire the Best GST Registration Consultants in Jaipur which is completely online and is super simple, all you need to do is submit the documents that are required to our GST experts.

Composition scheme related to small businesses – The small businesses are benefited as they can exercise the option of a composition scheme. This composition scheme has brought down the compliance and the tax burden for the small businesses.

Lesser Compliance – The number of compliances under GST is less as compared to other taxes as well. All of the filings can be filed online easily with Alonika, the GST Registration Consultant in Jaipur can help you in filing the GST returns online.