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Company Registration in Kolkata

The establishment gains legitimacy and credibility after registering as a corporation. It is gaining popularity and widespread acceptability in the cutthroat global market. While adhering to business registration in Kolkata, one can benefit from various legal advantages. It is a lawful means of promoting relevant goods and services without taking any chances as one grows their firm. Once the corporation is registered under the corporate act, running its business projects and carrying out its corporate strategies would be pretty simple and comfortable. Here, we can help you with all kinds of company registration services in Kolkata, such as starting a new firm, registering an LLP or LLC, registering a Pvt ltd company name, and learning about other IPR concepts. We arrive with our client’s legal business needs in hand, presenting the finest choice to function in today’s demanding environment. To provide the corporate sector with valuable services, we regularly work while updating our legal executives with the most recent revisions.

Private Limited Company registration in Kolkata

From the law’s viewpoint, a private limited company is distinct from its owners. PLC’s owners are shareholders (stakeholders), and directors run the business on their behalf. PLCs may have a share, guarantee, or unrestricted liability limitation.

Minimum Requirement for the Private Limited Company registration in Kolkata

  • A private limited business can have no more than 200 shareholders at most.
  • The number of directors should be at least two and shouldn’t exceed fifteen.
  • There are no obligatory minimum paid-up capital requirements for a private limited business.
  • The Permanent Account Number (PAN) card or the Aadhar card, which are government-issued identification cards, must be presented as proof of the directors’ and shareholders’ identities.
  • It is required to produce proof of address in the form of recent utility bills, such as phone bills, that are no more than two months old.
  • Water and power bills, or other documents proving the registered office’s address, must be presented.
  • If the office is located on a rented property, the owner’s no-objection certificate and the rental agreement must be supplied.
  • The property deed must be enclosed if the office is located on its property.

Public Limited Company registration in Kolkata

A public limited company is a business restricted by shares and allowed to issue shares to the general public to raise the initial capital. According to the Indian Companies Act 1956, the minimum number of shareholders is seven, the maximum number of shareholders is unlimited, and the minimum paid-up capital is around five lakhs. After successfully forming and incorporating the norms and regulations outlined in the Indian Companies Act, public limited companies may apply for registration.

Advantages of Public Limited Company Registration

  • The simplest way to promote shares
  • Dependability in Share Value
  • Able to put into practice the workload-distribution policy
  • A centralized model will promote teamwork.
  • capable of raising money
  • It is simple to grow a business while using money

One-Person Company

According to Section 262 of the 2013 Companies Act, formally registering a one-person corporation in India is acceptable. A single director and a single member representing the complete form must register a one-person corporation in India. This sort of corporation has a very low compliance burden compared to a private business. Issue shares to the general pub.

Advantages of One-Person Company

  • There is only one person needed.
  • OPC registration procedure Members’ limited liability
  • OPC Enrollment The passing of a member or a change in ownership has no impact.
  • There are not many compliances and little paperwork needed.
  • OPC enrollment costs are Comparatively simple to set up and manage

Checklist of OPC Registration

  • There should be a minimum and a maximum number of members.
  • Before incorporation, a nominee ought to be picked.
  • Use Form INC-3 to ask the nominee for their consent.
  • The 2014 Companies (Incorporation Rules) require that the OPC name be chosen.
  • A minimum of one lakh is the allowed capital.
  • Director’s Selection Criteria
  • the OPC’s registered office’s doc

Limited Liability Company Registration

A limited liability partnership (LLP) combines the advantages of a partnership and a limited liability company. It began to take shape in India after January 2009 and became an instant hit with new businesses and professional services. The purpose of the LLP was to offer a straightforward corporate structure that would benefit owners by limiting their responsibility.

Advantages of LLP Company Registration

The main factors influence people’s decision to use an LLP as their company model:

    • Small Liability
    • Distinct legal entity
    • Versatile Agreement
    • Appropriate for Small Businesses
    • Eligibility requirements

Eligibility Criteria

One must fulfill the following requirements to be qualified for LLP company registration in India:

  • An LLP must have a minimum of two partners (no upper limit)
  • To represent a body corporate that is a partner, a natural person must be chosen.
  • Each partner must agree to contribute a certain amount to the joint capital.
  • LLP must have at least one lakh in authorized capital.
  • Indian residents should make up at least one of the selected

Section-8 Company registration in Kolkata

When referring to the non-profit goals and purposes of various institutions and organizations, we frequently refer to them collectively as NGOs, Trusts, or Societies. These types of organizations are dealt with by a company registered under Section 8 of the 2013 Companies Act. A company reported to promote commerce, the arts, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, environmental protection, or any other object is solely used to further these objectives.

Benefits of Section-8 Company Registration

  • No Minimum Capital Needed
  • Free of Stamp Duty
  • Donors are exempt.
  • Membership
  • Name
  • Giving & Funding

Nidhi Company Registration

The Companies Act of 2013 governs Nidhi Companies, businesses in the non-banking financial sector. This business is relatively simple to set up as a corporation and encourages lending and borrowing among its members. To qualify as a Nidhi Company, it must have at least 200 members annually. They use their members to conduct business.

Benefits of Nidhi Company registration

  • Less regulation
  • Ease of Fund
  • Better Credibility
  • Limited Liability
  • Micro Banking
  • No External Involvement
  • Low capital requirement

Documents required for the Company Registration in Kolkata

For Directors and Shareholders

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card, voter Id, Passport (as ID Proof)
  • Latest Passport Size Photo
  • Address Proof- Latest Bank Statement, Electricity bills
  • Digital Signature

For registered Office address

    • Copy of rent agreement (if the property is rented)
    • Copy of NOC
    • Address Proof- The latest electricity bill, Water bill

Procedure for Company Registration in Kolkata

Approval of Name: Deciding on the company name that will submit to MCA for approval is the first step in incorporating a business. Idealized names submitted for approval ought to be distinct and connected to the company’s business operations. MCA

Application of DSC & DPIN: The next step for startup registration is to apply for a digital signature and DPIN. A digital signature is an online signature used for signing the e-forms, and DPIN refers to the Director’s identification number issued by the Registrar.

Submission of MOA and AOA: Once the name is authorized, the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, which include the company’s rules and laws governing how the organization runs, must be created. The MCA receives both the MOA and the AOA and the subscription statement for authentication and approval.

 Create forms and paperwork: Please complete the application forms thoroughly, attach the required documentation, and have it professionally reviewed before submitting it to the ROC and paying the fee.

Get a certificate of incorporation: The registrar issues the incorporation certificate after completing all the required paperwork and filing with the department. Essential details about the firm, including the CIN number, name, and date of incorporation, are listed in the certificate of incorporation.

Open a bank account: You can send a copy of your MOA, AOA, and PAN together with the bank’s account opening form after receiving your incorporation certificate to create a bank account.

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