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Company / Firm Registration in Delhi

New Delhi is the national capital of India and is the most recommended ideal city to begin the entrepreneurial journey. With just the appropriate mix of cultural agency and modernization, this city has an opportunity for everyone. And for this reason- from the veterans to novice all prefer to work in Delhi. And this blog will help you to understand and know more about better management related to Company Registration in Delhi

We will try to help you to answer all your doubts on how to do Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi. We will go beyond explaining the procedure in the simplest way possible so that one can quickly get started!

The very first thing that you need to choose is the type of company structure that you want to incorporate into your entity. It will benefit the laws that you need to follow, the policies that you can set, your way of doing business, and the compliances that one should adhere to professionally as well. The options you can go with are as follow:

Note: To have a hassle business, one needs to have a practicing professional register your company in Delhi. When you know the process then you will be able to make most of your ENTITY. 

Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi 

A ‘company’ is a very popular option to start a business in India with startups and businesses with higher growth aspirations. Private Limited Company is incorporated under the Companies Act of 2013, and well-governed by the MCA(Ministry of Corporate Affairs). It is a defined registered corporate structure that provides the business with a different ‘legal identity from its owners. So, hence the key advantages are the ability to contract in its own name and also the safeguarding of personal assets of the owners from the business liabilities. It also helps to have unique identification in the market in the long run. The ‘Private Limited Company’ tag tells to the customers that ‘you can rely upon our product/services as we are legally certified

Private Limited Company Registration is a company held for small businesses. This type of business limits the owner’s liability to their shareholdings, and the number of shareholders to 200, and restricts shareholders from publicly trading shares.


  • 2 shareholders – they can be a person or a corporate entity too. 
  • 2 directors- of which one must be Indian, who has stayed in India for 12 months long, the minimum
  • The registered office address of the Company must be in India

Private Limited Company Vs LLP 

PVT LTD Company and LLP are both limited liability structures. However, companies often offer certain key advantages, majorly for startups. The ownership of the designated company is reflected by the share capital, which is very easy to transfer to ownership transfer in the LLP. Also, it clearly differentiates management and ownership of the company. For this very reason, it is preferred by the VCs (Vice-Chancellors) and as well as banks for providing debt. According, to the experts of CA firm – Alonika in Delhi, one should also consider higher compliances and mandatory audit requirements, making it an expensive structure to comprehend.

Some of the advantages of Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi (India) are as follows:

  • SEPARATE LEGAL EXISTENCE – Once the Company Registration in Delhi is done, a legal entity comes into the existence for the law body in India. This helps to separate itself from its owners and managers. With this, the company can simply operate in its own name by opening a bank account to own assets and entering into a contract with the parties. 
  • EASY FUNDRAISING  – PVT LTD Company Registration process is stringent enough to make this structure credible among all others which makes borrowing or fundraising from external sources much easier. Also, the organization itself provides a number of ways to raise funds in the form of private equity, ESOP, and many more.
  • MANAGEMENT AND OWNERSHIP SEPARATION – Separate ownership and management help both the company and the management to focus on their potential work. Shareholders are entitled to operate and run the entity without losing control in the form of voting. 


Companies are well-registered under the Registrar of Companies (ROC) of both Delhi and Haryana. One needs to practice professionally to carry out the registration process on your behalf. Here, your role would be to provide accurate information and require all the necessary dossiers to them on a timely basis to complete the process smoothly. 


There are other forms of company registration are as follows :

  • Partnership Firm Registration
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration
  • Proprietorship Firm Registration
  • One Person Company (OPC) Registration


The whole process including approval of DIN, Name, and Incorporation takes around 7-10 working days. So, as compared to the old days registering a Company has become a quick process as all documents are dragged in a single application form with the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). It is a big step towards eGovernance and for that businesses who all are looking for an expansion of operations.  

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