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Although, there are many reasons to consider trademark registration in Delhi, is the next important thing after Business Registration. You will see for yourself that each of these reasons shows the very importance of trademark registration as a whole. Furthermore, this necessity further elevates when we take various regions of India into account. Knowing in a better legal way why a registered trademark is so important in such regions is the key to making sure that your business gets a chance to grow. No wonder what type of business you have all you wish to make sure that this business is recognized by the people, you need to have a mark upon it. And this could be done by the well-reputed Trademark Registration Online Provider in Delhi. You see that this mark represents your trade and that is the ‘trademark’ of your business. However, much like any intellectual entity, even this can be stolen or say used by some other firm. But trademark registration makes it way too difficult. This is a form of registration that one can guard and protect the ‘marks/logo’ against the infringers as you can take them to the court and sue them with the financial damages that they have bought to you. This trademark registration in Delhi is the very reason that Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Apple, and many such global beasts have maintained their supremacy over the business world for a very long time. This is the gist of why trademark registration in Delhi is so very considerable by everyone.


Trademark Registration in Delhi or in any part of India, is very important to have when one wishes to have a business for the long run. Alonika who is the best Online Trademark Registration provider in Delhi, knows all the in’s and out’s related to it.

If you go by what is given at the start of this blog, you will be able to get an idea of the significance of registering the trademark online. However, there are so much to know about it, they are as follows:

  1. Once the mark is registered, you would have exclusive rights to that particular mark at all times.
  2. For instance if someone tries to infringe your registered mark, then you can easily take them to court and charge him for your financial damages.
  3. The protection that this form of registration provides you the right for straight 10 long years.
  4. registered trademark is a very valuable asset for a company. This happens to have a good money value associated with it. This value can increase with the reputation of the company.
  5. A registered trademark makes your product/services a little more pronounced to the public.
  6. With the registered trademark, one also gets the right to grant license and the solemnly right of that mark to other people for a limited duration of time.
  7. This is a mutually beneficial prospect that allows more trade to the one you are granting the license to and you an opportunity to expand your mark.
  8. According, to Trademark Registration Online in Delhi, if you have a registered trademark, then you can actually get access to the ‘registration of that trademark’ in foreign territories on the basis of this.
  9. You can easily transfer your trademark to other businesses too. This is not available in the common-law trademark.
  10. With trademark online registration, you will have the right to use the “R” symbol with your trademark.
  11. Depending on the goodwill you can also use your registered trademark as collateral for finance recompense.
  12. Trademark Rights are totally geographic-specific, too.

Protect your name, logo, and slogan from competitors

  • NEVER LET YOUR CUSTOMERS BE CONFUSED With registration, the very opportunists have a way to protect their identity. Trademark Registration in Delhi is therefore so important, to make sure that a product’s identity is well-protected. Many years of sweat and blood takes to build a ‘brand’. So many businesses end up spending an amount in marketing and outreach- just to popularize the ‘brand’ name as well. A trademark registration gives you a proprietary right to use the mark registered under the class. For instance, multiple burger vendor start using their business as “Britannia”, and customers are not able to reach the original one. All you wish is that your business would scale that large and would want to make sure that your entity is protected full-fledged by law. Wouldn’t you?

  • CLAIMING PERPETUAL OWNERSHIP Unlike all other Intellectual Properties such as Copyright and Patent, your trademark can be owned for as long as you wish to have. Thus, we can say that Trademark Registration in Delhi, can be owned forever, subject to renewal process due to long 10 years.

  • LEGAL PROTECTION Under the Trademark Act, a registered trademark becomes a proper legally protected asset. Hence, empowering you to challenge the usage of a similar brand name, and stop the infringers from using the particular mark. From all the above-mentioned situations and reasons, we hope that you have understood the importance of Trademark Registration Online in Delhi.

  • CAN BE A GOOD REVENUE SYSTEM We at Alonika in Delhi, understand how a registered mark grants you an exclusive usage right of your mark/logo. Further, it also allows you to unlock the potential of your brand by professionally licensing it to others. So, many businesses opt for licensing the usage of their brand’s name to create additional revenue streams with a collaboration approach. When you connect with a reputed CA firm in Delhi, you will get to know about registration-related things in detail. As it will help you to know all about your logo/mark registration-which is for your betterment only.


You might have comprehended that all the points mentioned above are more or less are the ‘same’. However, to get to the core of Trademark Registration Online, you need to consult the best Chartered Accountant firm -Alonika in Delhi.

Trademark Registration in Other Cities

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