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Trademark Registration in Pune

As per the Trade Marks Act, of 1999: a Trademark Registration is well-defined as a mark capable of being represented graphically to tell what product/service they cater to. It helps to tell how much a person is different from those others and which may include the shape of goods, their packaging, and well-combination of colors.

Trademarks that are similar or identical to an all existing registered trademarks cannot be registered. Also, it cannot be applied for registration if it is offensive, generic, not distinctive, contains special emblems, and many more types. The Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India has registered trademarks after verifying the application and documents.  

The Trademark Law, of 2002 suggests that there are 45 classes under which trademarks must be registered. Online Trademark Registration in Pune or in any place in India – the Trademark Registrar is responsible for the registration of trademarks in the country, to provide protection of the trademark of various goods and services, and to prevent fraudulent use of the mark. The major function of the registry is to register trademarks that qualify for registration based on the Act and Rules. So, when a Trademark is applied for registration the owner can use the symbol TM with the product or service. 


When you prefer to protect your trademark, then make an application for trademark registration. Just do not wait, get in touch with the experts of a good chartered accountant firm to get your trademark registered in the most promising way. 

Trademark Registration Online is an intellectual building right that together with giving you advantages ensures for your generations to find.

Just go with the simple procedure of trademark registration and obtain your trademark well-registered. Once the application is filed with the division a quantity number obtains created. The application could continually track the standing of his/her application through that number.

Also, the owner of the trademark is encouraged to affix the TM icon after acquiring the TM number.

Now that we have explained with reasons the prominence associated with trademark registration and so do the advantages of it. In simple words, a mark can include a device, brand, heading, ticket, label, name, word, letter, numeral, shape of goods, packaging, or combination of colors, or say any such combination.

Now let us finally have a look at the process of filing for trademark registration in Pune (India).  


Keeping an eye out for a form package name is the best choice one has. You truly require something extraordinary and unique to grab the attention of people. Before looking for the name it will be very important to perform a Trademark Registration search in Pune (India). Following proper research will sustain that your trademark is one of its kind as well as there are much fewer possibilities related to the objection by the trademark department.


It is a global system developed as a Vienna Agreement (1973), for the classification of the figurative aspects of the marks. Now, inspecting the application for the trademark is totally based upon the figurative components of marks. Also, in this action, the condition of the application will reflect as sent out for Vienna Codification.


Now that you are ready with a unique brand name proceed by filing the trademark application with TM type and prescribed charges. The Trademark Registration file shall contain all the requisite details related to logo design or the trademark, name as well as address of the candidate, trademark course, day of initiation, and description of goods and services.


After the completion of Vienna codification, the trademark application submitted will be refined to a trademark officer. In Trademark Registration in Pune (India) the Registrar plays a very crucial role in the authentication of it. For instance, if the trademark application is objected then the applicant is required to file a reply for addressing the discrepancies. If the registrar is satisfied with the reply then he/she could grant the approval for the filled ‘trademark’. On the other hand, the applicant is equipped to appeal against the decision of the Registrar prior to the Intellectual Property Appellate Board.


As soon as all the arguments related to trademark opposition are clear on the submitted trademark the set trademark manuscript and also trademark registration certificate will be certainly be prepared by the department. As sooner the trademark registration file is received the applicant can place a sign beside the logo design or simple ‘Trademark’.

If in any case arguments increase on the used trademarks proper legal hearing will definitely be scheduled by the trademark hearing registrar.

In the hearing, the registrar and the opposition both hold the legal rights to offer their territories for the acceptance or rejection of the trademark. 


When the trademark registrar accepts the application submitted the proposed trademark will certainly look more refined to be published in the journal. The trademark journal, it includes all the details of the TM used and it is released every month. As quickly as the publication of the same is done any third event who thinks that the enrolment of the suggested trademark will certainly infringe his/her right holds the civil liberties to raise the argument to it. Trademark Registration Online will be open for argument for a total duration of 3 months and also, then even a 1-month expansion could be rectified.

In order to get the unique use of civil liberties over your trademark as well as prevent others from manipulating it could register your trademark with the concerned division. For looking at the application Trademark Registration Online will use the Vienna Classification for the trademark based on the metaphorical aspects of marks. When it has gone through the process of Vienna codification, the trademark application will reach a trademark officer or say, trademark registrar. 

So, in case the trademark application is objected from the trademark registrar that the candidate is required to submit a reply resolving the argument. So, when the registrar accepts the application filed the proposed trademark will certainly further be processed to be released in the journal. 

There are many types of Trademarks that can be used for registration as follows:


These trademarks are registered in the name of groups or organizations. They help people become your customers to associate with the group during commercial activities. 


These are certifying trademarks that help people to judge the quality, material used, origin, and all other specific features of goods and services.


These are used to identify the services of any type of renowned 'entity'. For eg: the Trademark Registration for network and broadcasting services. They help advertise the services provided.


It is well-attached to identify the business's products

Hence, a registered trademark has the power of enhancing your brand value to create a strong customer base because of the ownership and authority of the trademark subject to the products/services offered. Also, it acts as a supporting pillar in easing legal matters with its right: when such claims occur due to improper usage of similar marks/symbols. 

Document Required

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Documents and Details required for Trademark Registration for Individual

Documents and Details required for Trademark Registration for Individual

Details Required for Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in Other Cities

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