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Trademark Registration in Agra

Tourists from all over the globe have been drawn to Agra, a city home to the Taj Mahal, one of the world’s seven wonders. As a sector of the tourism industry, it has attracted several businesses to introduce their products and make a living. Since most people in Agra are self-employed, they work in industries like iron foundries, leather, and footwear. People work in 7 000 small-scale companies producing leather items, handicrafts, marvels, and stone sculptures. Alonika, offer the services for trademark registration in Agra, so they now need to get a symbol for their product and introduce it to the market because a mark sets a product apart from similar goods.

A trademark is a type of intellectual property (IP) that consists of an instantly recognizable term, symbol, logo, or indicator that identifies one brand from another. It’s a brand’s distinct identity, to put it simply. Brand identities are crucial for a firm to succeed or compete in the market. Our professional team has many years of experience in this field, and we know how the market functions and various legal considerations to keep in mind for your business.

Trademark Registration in Agra

Legal Protection

The Agra market is highly competitive; thus, you must be vitally important legally to protect your brand. With trademark registration in Agra, you are now the official brand owner, and no one else can use your logo without your permission.

Unique Identity

: Trademark registration in Agra gives your logo or brand a unique identity that increases the market value of your brand.

Trademark as an Asset

Since the owner of a registered trademark can swiftly franchise, sell, or grant it to a third party under a contract, a trademark may operate as an asset. For the same, it generates a particular sort of intellectual property (IP).

Increase your brand value

It fosters consumer confidence and improves your reputation as a well-known and trusted brand.

Eligibility of Trademark Registration in Agra

Any company or person may submit an application for trademark registration in Agra to protect their goods or services. The applicant’s name, complete address, agent information, and Power of Attorney information must all be included in the trademark application.

Joint Partnership
Company Registration
Individual Company
Proprietorship Firms
Any NGO/Trust/Society

Types of Trademark registration in Agra

The Trademark Act of 1999 facilitates the registration of various trademarks, including certification marks, collective markings, series marks, logos and symbols, word and service marks, and many more. The different trademark categories that you can register in India include:

Word and service mark
Shape Mark
Logos and Symbols
Collective Marks
Series Marks
Certification Marks
Geographical Indicators Marks
Concept of Trademarks Classes

The types of goods or services that consumers want to utilize trademark protection to protect are the basis for trademark classes. There are now 45 trademark classes in India, per the Trademark Act of 1999. These trademark classes allow users to expedite the mark’s registration and prevent future trademark challenges.

The list of trademark classes contains 45 categories and from which 34 for product categories that are reserved. These trademark classes include all goods and products. However, each class covers a broad range of goods and services.

Candidates have various classifications to pick from, including their goods or services. They must submit an application using form TM-1 if they register under just one trademark class. If they want to register a collective trademark, they must submit the TM-1 

Procedure of Trade Mark Registration in Agra

STEP 1. Trademark search is the first and most crucial step in trademark registration. With the aid of the tool to discover the mark across classes, our team will assist you in conducting an in-depth trademark search.

STEP 2. The trademark attorney must file a trademark application after the previous step. The applicant is needed to sign Form 48 and TM 1 once they have been prepared for approval.

STEP 3. You must submit the required paperwork to register a trademark in Agra.

STEP 4. After the government has finished processing the application, it is crucial to check the status of the trademark application often. The applicant must respond to any Trademark Objection within 30 days of receiving it. We will assist you with this on our end.

Trademark Oppositio

On the other hand, trademark opposition is a legal proceeding in which one party attempts to stop a trademark application from being granted. A trademark opposition is filed by third parties who feel your trademark could in some way impact them or their trademark, in writing, in the form of a notice, with the trademark examiner. Suppose the examiner sees any merit to the opposition. In that case, they are to forward the information to the applicant, who must send a counter statement to the Registrar within two months.

The Registrar may dismiss the opposition if they believe the counter statement adequately addresses it. The Registrar may also schedule a hearing where both parties come before them and argue their cases if they feel more is to be considered. The Registrar will decide regarding the admissibility of the application or the opposition following the hearing. Within three months of it becoming public, it may appeal this decision before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board.

Trademark Objection

The trademark examiner may occasionally notice specific flaws or concerns with the property registration. These problems can include using the wrong name or facts on a trademark application form, using objectionable or misleading phrases, providing insufficient information about the goods or services, or using an identical or confusingly similar mark.

After an analysis of the objection itself, it must carefully be written answer must then be provided with any necessary supporting documentation and proofs. When a complaint is raised, the status on the register will show as “Objected.” Your chance to make your claim over your mark more vital and establish urgency is during the objection response.

They will process the application for brand registration and publication in the Trademark Journal if the response is approved. It may arrange a trademark hearing, and you will be given notice if it is not accepted or if the examiner requests any additional explanations.

After the initial objection is made, the procedure typically lasts 2-4 months. The likelihood of approval after completion is substantially higher, but it is not guaranteed.

Litigations of Trademark

The Trademarks Act of 1999’s under Section 29, discusses trademark infringement litigation. A trademark infringement violates the rights granted to the registered trademark owner. An individual who engages in unlicensed uses of a registered brand, including but not limited to:

  • Adheres to plagiarism about the original mark.
  • Uses the trademark for goods or services that aren’t the same as those for which it was registered;

Passing off

The Trademarks Act 1999, under section 27, discusses the common law rights of the owner to pursue legal action against the defaulter for passing off his goods as the goods of another individual or as services rendered by another individual or the remedies of same.

Documents required for the trademark registration in Agra

Necessary Steps for online Trademark Registration in Ahmedabad

Documents for individuals and Sole proprietorship
Documents for LLP, partnership, start-up, and small business

Documents required for the trademark registration in Agra

Every ten years, trademarks should be renewed. To ensure that your trademark is yours, our qualified teams will assist you in keeping track of renewal deadlines, drafting instruction letters, and delivering them to the appropriate agencies. We always protect your trademark from infringement by keeping an eye on trademark journals and opposition and taking the appropriate action if a similar trademark appears.

Document Required

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Documents and Details required for Trademark Registration for Individual

Documents and Details required for Trademark Registration for Individual

Details Required for Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in Other Cities

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