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GST registration in Chennai – Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, formally known as Madras. It is the fifth-largest metropolis in terms of population. It is a city well-known for being the center of the automobile industry. Still, it has evolved into a SAAS (Software as a Service) hub in recent years, drawing young and gifted business people from many sectors. Chennai is becoming one of the most popular markets for anyone looking to launch their own company in a competitive but hassle-free environment. We have outlined below that Chennai is emerging as a leader in India’s start-up ecosystem and is the best place to launch a business.

With all these benefits, it is the ideal location to launch a software or IT business. However, obtaining a certificate of GST registration in Chennai is essential before starting the firm/ company. Particularly if you’re a first-time user, the GST Registration process and compliance requirements can be challenging. There are several small things to attend to and a drawn-out process to go through, frequently resulting in seeking outside assistance. Alonika is the top GST Registration Consultant in India and can help you register your company for GST in Chennai.

gst registration in chennai

Meaning of GST

GST stands for Goods and Service Tax. It is a single tax incorporating several indirect taxes currently assessed on the sale of goods and services. It will impose this comprehensive tax on the production, marketing, and consumption of numerous commodities and services nationwide.

The purpose of the GST is to combine many indirect taxes into a single tax. It would aid in overcoming several shortcomings in the indirect tax system as it is currently structured. The tax collection process will ultimately become more effective. Implementing the GST is essential since it unifies numerous federal and state taxes into a single tax. That would aid in eliminating cascading double taxes and creating a common national market.

Threshold limit for GST Registration in Chennai

The government fixed the initial barrier for required GST registration for taxpayers at a yearly revenue of Rs 20 lakhs. The 32nd GST Council Meeting in January 2019 gave states the option of choosing new restrictions or sticking with the current ones. From 1 April 2019 onward, Tamil Nadu has decided to increase this cap to Rs 40 lakhs for the sale of commodities. The threshold restrictions for service providers in the state of Tamil Nadu, however, remained unchanged.

Who is Eligible for GST registration in Chennai?

Types of GST

Benefits of GST Registration in Chennai

Multiple taxes are eliminated: The GST will result in the removal of numerous indirect taxes that were previously in place. There have been so many tax replacements. Excise, octroi, sales, service, CENVAT, turnover, and other tariffs are no longer relevant and have all been consolidated under the GST tax.

More money saved: Due to the use of the GST, double billing has been made obsolete for the average person. As a result, the cost of goods and services has decreased, enabling the average person to save more money.

Business simplicity: The “One Nation, One Tax” principle was introduced by GST. Businesses looking to conduct interstate commerce have benefited from the unhealthy competition that existed previously among the States.

Reducing cascading effects: GST is applicable at every level, from production to consumption. At every link in the supply chain, it offers tax credit advantages. Businesses gain from Input Tax Credits under GST, and tax is only paid on the added value. The cascading effect of tax has been lessened by GST, which has reduced the cost of the goods.

Greater Employment: The demand for certain, if not all, products has increased as a result of the GST’s ability to lower product costs. The employment graph has begun to rise in response to supply and demand.

Growth in GDP: Production will increase as demand rises. As a result, the Gross Domestic Product increases (GDP).

Decreased tax evasion: The system has been more effective with fewer opportunities for corruption and tax evasion because the goods and services tax combines several before taxes into a single tax.

Higher-Quality Product: Since the GST eliminated the cascading effect of taxes, interstate taxes, and high logistical costs, manufacturing has become more competitive. Increasing competition will solve the interstate tax, cascading tax effects, and high economic advantages to business people and consumers.

Growth in Revenue: A single tax, the GST, has taken the place of 17 other indirect taxes. Higher tax collections for the state and federal governments result from the rise in product demand.


Documents required for the GST registration in Chennai

For Private limited company/One-Person Company/Public Limited

For Directors

For Registered Office

For Partnership Firm/LLP

Steps for GST registration in Chennai
  1. Visit the Government GST Portal and look for the Registration tab.
  2. You must enter your PAN number, mobile number, email address, and state in Part-A of Form GST REG-01 of GST Registration.
  3. Following OTP authentication, you will receive a temporary reference number on your mobile device and through email.
  4. After that, you must complete Part-B of Form GST REG-01. Must upload the required documents listed by the type of business and be duly signed (by DSC or EVC).
  5. Form GST REG-02 will produce an acknowledgment.
  6. In case you have any information that is still waiting. It will notify you in Form GST REG-03 that it is being requested of you. You could be asked to visit the department to clarify this or to present the papers in Form GST REG-04 within seven working days.
  7. If the office discovers any problems, they may reject your application. Form GST REG-05 will provide information regarding this for you.
  8. A certificate of registration is the final step. Finally, the department will provide you with a registration certificate in Form GST REG-06 following verification and approval.
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