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Private Limited Company Registration in Patna

Company registration in Patna is a good idea for any new business owner because this city’s economy is growing at the fifth-fastest rate in the country, at 3.72% per year. Since 2005, the economy has grown steadily, especially in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and service sectors. Patna is a major center for agriculture and trade. It exports grain, sugarcane, and sesame, among other things.

Patna is a city in the northern Indian state of Bihar. As with starting a business or a company, the decision by an entrepreneur requires careful strategic, business, and legal planning. Starting a business or a company here will lead to great success and financial gains.


In India, there are a total of seven different categories of company registration. It can be challenging to select the appropriate type of company registration due to the abundance of alternatives.

  1. Private Limited Company
  2. Public Limited Company
  3. Partnerships Company
  4. Limited Liability Partnership

5. One Person Company
6. Sole Proprietorship
7. Section 8 Company


  1. Legal Recognition: A registered company is a distinct legal entity with its obligations and rights. It makes it easier to conduct business and enter into contracts.

  2. Limited Liability: Shareholders of a registered company are only liable to the extent of their investment in the company. It means that the shareholder’s assets are safe if the company loses money or gets into debt.

  3. Easy Funding: Banks, venture capitalists, and other investors are more likely to give money to registered companies because they are more trustworthy and financially stable.

  4. Tax Benefits: Companies in India can get tax breaks like deductions for certain expenses and exemptions from certain taxes.

  5. Brand Recognition: A registered company can help you build a brand name and give customers, partners, and investors more confidence in your business.

  6. Continuity of Existence: A registered company has perpetual succession, which means it keeps running even if some of its shareholders or directors change.

  7. Better governance: To register a public limited company, you have to follow several laws and rules. It makes the company more honest, open, and responsible.

  8. Growth Potential: A registered firm has the opportunity to grow and expand, which can result in increased sales and profits.

  9. Better Legal Protection: A registered business is less likely to be sued or has other legal problems.


A public limited company is a business whose shares can be bought and sold on a recognized stock exchange. The minimum number of members is 7, and there is no maximum number of members. The shares of a publicly traded company can be traded freely on an open market called the stock exchange. A publicly traded company can also ask the public to buy shares or bonds. Documents Required For A Public Limited Company In Patna Clear and self-attested scanned copies of:
  • PAN Card
  • Identification proof issued by GoI: Aadhaar, voter’s ID, passport, or driver’s license
  • Six-month bank statement with current address
  • Bills for mobile phones, gas, or electricity with the current address
  • latest passport-size photograph
  • Specimen signature – Director’s signature on a blank white paper
The Process For Registering A Public Limited Company In Patna
  • Before applying for the company registration process, ensure the company has a minimum of seven shareholders, three directors, and a capital of at least 5,00,000, which is required.
  • A DSC, or Digital Signal Certificate, is needed when you show proof of your name and address.
  • Apply for a DPIN and submit your company name through the application. Make sure to include objective clauses about the business in the application. Usually, this clause explains the specific reason for the company’s establishment, including its establishment date and other activities performed.
  • Attach documents like the MOA, AOA, Form INC–7, Form INC–22, and Form DIR–12 to the ROC.
  • Pay the registration fee, and once the business gets approval from the ROC, it must apply for the “Certificate of Business Commencement.”


LLP is a relatively new corporate structure in which business assets are distinct from personal assets and provide the highest level of limited liability protection. In this business, the ability of the partners to pay their debts depends on how much share capital they have.

To start a limited liability partnership (LLP), you need at least one partner from this country and a minimum capital of Rs 1,000,000.

Documents Required For  Limited Liability Partnership Company Registration In Patna

  • PAN card or proof of identity like an Aadhar card, driver’s license, or voter ID
  • Bank statements, phone bills, mobile bills, and gas bills
  • Passport-size photocopy
  • Foreigners, or NRIs, require a passport
  • DSC and registered office address proof documents

The Process For Registering A Limited Liability Partnership Company In Patna

  • Acquire the DSC and DIN for each of your LLP partners. DIN or DPIN registration is usually instantaneous. Each partner must have at least one DIN.
  • ROC will handle your business name approval after you file an MCA application.
  • The partners receive an application once the senior officials approve the firm name.

Finally, the partner has 60 days from the date of receipt of this letter to send the documents. You have 30 days from the time you get the registration certificate to apply for the partnership agreement.


One-person company registration is a relatively new addition to the Indian market. The majority of sole proprietorships and small enterprises choose this type of registration. Under this registration, the proprietors receive liability protection, so no partnerships are required.

Since one person is in charge of everything in the business, it is easy to maintain, manage, and run. In essence, it is a combination of a sole proprietorship and a limited liability company. The minimum capital required to qualify for this registration is Rs. 1,000,000. If you are in the finance industry, you do not qualify for an OPC registration. Additionally, the individual must be a citizen of India.

Documents Required For One-Person Company Registration In Patna

  • Documents required from company partners:
  • PAN, or passport, for foreigners
  • ID proof
  • Bank statements, electricity, gas, or phone bills
  • Photocopy
  • signature of the specimen
  • Documents required for the registration office:
  • Bank statements or bills
  • Rental agreements
  • NOC of a property owner
  • Copy of the property deed (if you own property)

The Process For Registering  One Person Company In Patna

  • Get DSC first, then apply for DIN.
  • Submit a request to MCA for approval of the business name.
  • After you send the necessary paperwork to MCA, the government will give you a certificate of incorporation.


A sole proprietorship is simply a business run by a single person. In most sole proprietorship businesses, the owner is personally liable for all profits and losses. It is a sole proprietorship that is relatively simple to establish. This registration is preferred by those who work from home or manage one-person businesses from their homes.

Documents Required for Sole Proprietorship Company Registration In Patna

  • Utility bills for the business
  • KYC details
  • Company Establishment License
  • Income tax data

The Process For Registering a Sole Proprietorship Company In Patna

  • Apply for a Pan Card.
  • Open a business account and register under the MSME Act as a small business. Registration is not required, but it is if you want to receive government benefits or grants.

If your annual revenue exceeds Rs. 20,000, you must register for GST.


Most people refer to these businesses as “NGOs,” or “non-profit organizations,” because they actively participate in charitable activities. These businesses’ main goals are to promote the arts, science, and education to protect the environment and aid the less fortunate.

A minimum of two shareholders and directors are required to register as a non-profit organization. Commonly, stockholders will act as directors. It does not require start-up funding, as do other businesses. The corporation must have an Indian address for registration, and at least one of the directors must be a resident of India.

Documents Required For Section 8 Company Registration In Patna

  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • MOA and AOA
  • ID verification proof
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Directors data
  • Address verification documents

The Process For Registering a Section 8 Company In Patna

  • All partners must submit DIN and DSC applications.
  • Choose three names for the company and get MCA’s permission.
  • If asked, provide the approval of the department or the necessary higher authority.
  • After obtaining the firm name, get a Section 8 license from MCA.

All of the processes listed above are requirements for Patna company registration. Please note that the methods listed above are simply an overview, and the process may vary based on the particulars of your business and the state’s legislation. Before beginning the process, we recommend you visit a professional or the local ROC office to ensure you have all the relevant paperwork and information.

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