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Globalization, liberalization, deregulation, radical breakthroughs, and advancements in communication networks and information technology have profoundly changed the business landscape. Organizations in the new economy demand advisers who can provide a wide range of cutting-edge and affordable solutions. CA in Hyderabad is well-equipped to meet these needs because of its extensive service offerings and capabilities. These service options result from extensive research and shared knowledge of the relevant markets, rivalries, laws, and rules.

Alonika is a multi-national tax and accounting consulting firm that works with clients in many industries. With more than ten years of combined expertise in business and tax consulting, our chartered accountants and company secretaries in Hyderabad are committed to completing any tasks allocated to us as quickly as possible and to the highest standard. Unlike traditional CA firms, we have a decade of experience assisting clients by making things simpler. Because the demands of our clients are ever-changing, we are constantly striving to be in the most significant position to meet those needs. To do this, we expand our team with fresh talent, build new competencies, change our working practices, and provide clients with digital tools. 

Services that we offered in our CA firms in Hyderabad

Along with these below given services we also offer are taxation, transaction advisory, company legal matters, financial issues in the company, trademark registration, ISO certification, ISO audit, free trademark search, accounts outsourcing, risk advisory, as well as trademark opposition, assignment, mergers, and acquisitions, demergers, project financing, etc.

Company Registration in Hyderabad

Everyone wants to work for themselves, and registering a corporation is the first step in starting a new business. We are registering all types of businesses in Hyderabad, including Private Limited Companies, Partnership Firms, LLPs, Person Companies, Nidhi Companies, etc. We handle every aspect of your compliance. Please get in touch with Alonika if you plan to start a business in Hyderabad.

FSSAI Registration in Hyderabad

We are here to handle the process carefully because the FSSAI registration guidelines are complicated. The FSSAI requires licenses for all food-related businesses. We are working with a CA to provide FSSAI permits to different food firms.

GST Registration in Hyderabad

It is mandatory for all small business owners who earn more than Rs. 40 lakh to register for GST traders; not only do we assist with numerous GST registrations, but we also file and audit GST returns. You receive the best GST services in Hyderabad from our knowledgeable and experienced GST consultants.

Startups Registration in Hyderabad

Starting a new business requires a lot of confidence because so much money is at stake. We are specialists in offering startup assistance to individuals forming new companies in Hyderabad. Many CAs in Hyderabad provide starting services like Nidhi business setup and company registration.

The Roles and the Responsibilities of Chartered Accountants

  1. Taxation

Every business must file tax returns before the due date to ensure the smooth running of the company and save itself from fines and penalties. CA in Hyderabad are expert in handling taxation matters and performs the following responsibilities.

  • Preparation of Income tax returns. 
  • Representing the clients,
  • It Offers advice on taxes to clients.
  • Income tax Scrutinizes and Litigations
  • Help to solve the Notices and Assessments

The company’s financial statement must show an accurate and fair picture of its business operations. Any misrepresentation in financial statements can hamper the company’s reputation and may result in non-compliance issues. Financial statements benefit a company as they help investors, shareholders, creditors, and financiers make investment decisions.

4. Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Many businesses in this corporate environment typically merge to expand.
  • Acquiring the ownership of the existing business is an acquisition when two or more businesses are combined into one.

The following tax benefits can be provided to the merging company by our CA in Hyderabad, who handles matters connected to mergers and acquisitions.

  • Cost of diversification
  • Tax Exemptions to the emerging company
  • Tax Exemptions to the shareholders of merging company.
  • Valuation of the public and private company shares.

7. Analysis

A better understanding of a company’s financial status is a crucial first step for a Charted Accountant. The income statement, balance sheet, and business organization are all examined by CAs in Hyderabad to obtain the proper financial position. While the balance sheet study determines the firm’s present financial situation, the income statement indicates how much net profit the company has generated and its growth.

9. Income Tax Scrutinizes

A tax return for income must be assessed as a correct return after it is submitted to the tax authorities unless it is a self-assessment return under section 139 of the Income Tax Act. Verification and close examination of the submitted income’s specifics are required to assess returned payment.  Returns are only subject to selective scrutiny.

2. Auditing

  • It is one of the duties carried out by a CA in Hyderabad.
  • A broad independent body examines an organization’s financial records as part of the audit.
  • The primary goal of the audit is to demonstrate to the business whether or not the account records and statements they maintain are fair and accurate.
  • Most organizations are required by law to conduct an audit to stay compliant.

3. Tax on Goods and Services (GST)

The introduction of GST, or “One Country, One Tax,” which combined all tax kinds into one tax, significantly impacted the country’s tax system. Our Hyderabad-based accounting firm assists businesses with comprehending GST regulations, maintaining records and registers, and timely filing GST returns with the tax authority.

5. Accountancy:

The most fundamental task performed by Charted Accountants in Hyderabad is accounting. Summarizing, evaluating, and reporting company transactions are crucial tasks our CA Firm in Hyderabad can perform.

6. Finance and bookkeeping

Consistently keeping track of and maintaining financial transactions is crucial for a firm to develop and flourish. At the end of each quarter, our CA in Hyderabad

Prepares the income statement. The purchase, sale, and receipt books are the most often updated and maintained joint book accounts.

8. Management Advisory

The CA is responsible for a variety of daily tasks. Our Hyderabad, CA office also serves as a management consultant, assisting companies in making the best use of their resources.

  • Installation of a system to control cost accounting operations.
  • System design for controlling and managing the budget.
  • The creation of a management information system
  • Operational control procedures review.

Charted Accountant in Hyderabad also examines the company’s financial situation while considering the following variables.

  • Purchases made for the company.
  • Selling a business
  • funding for businesses
  • Mergers
  • Reconstruction.

Why should you choose us?

  • Affordable rates
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  • Experience in tackling tax, accounting, and financial matters.